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Third Party Vendor Onboarding Request


When to use this Form to make a request? This form can be used to request approval for onboarding a 3rd party so they can have “on-going” business engagement with  SAFECO, REALTORS® and its Associates. Examples include when a 3rd party asking to have separate agreement with your sponsoring broker (NOT promulgated by TAR or TREC) in order to conduct business with you as the Associate of SAFECO. Or, any acts which require real estate license but not described in your SCOPE OF SALESPERSON’S AUTHORITY AGREEMENT.

NOTE:  SAFECO, REALTORS®  has many authorized vendors that are already approved which you can choose from without going through this approval process. Please consult your broker prior to filling out this form. All fees including application fees are non-refundable. Fees Include:

$39 Application Fee (Amount due at the time this form is submitted)

$249 One-Time Set-up Fee (Amount due upon receiving conditional approval from SAFECO)

 Vendors are required to Sign “ SAFECO, REALTORS® Third Party Agreement”

If the vendor/3rd party with whom SAFECO Associates are planning to work with has not been previously approved, this form can be used to request such approval. The approval is not guaranteed and each case will be examined thoroughly by SAFECO Compliance Team to determine the risks associated with engaging the vendor/3rd party.

Risks are defined as:

 > Reputational Risks
> State and Federal Regulatory Compliance Risk
> Financial Risk
> Operational Risk

Upon conditional approval, the vendor must agree to sign “ SAFECO, REALTORS® Third Party Agreement”. Questions regarding this procedure can be directed to your Managing Broker

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